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Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Injures Two Children


Two 12-year-old boys suffered serious personal injuries in a Los Angeles pedestrian accident the morning of May 6, 2009, CBS News reports. The boys were struck by a car in the 12100 block of West Wicks Street, Los Angeles Fire Department officials said. One boy reportedly suffered a broken femur and the other child possibly suffered a head injury. Police were still investigating the circumstances of this pedestrian-car accident.

My heart goes out to these two children who were involved in this horrific pedestrian accident. I hope and pray that they are doing better and that their personal injuries were not catastrophic. I wish them the very best for a speedy and complete recovery. Please keep them in your prayers.

According to California Highway Patrol’s 2007 Statewide Integrated Traffic Reporting System, there were 90 deaths and 2,690 injuries involving pedestrian accidents in the city of Los Angeles. In 2007, in Los Angeles County, there were reports of 210 deaths and 5,095 injuries involving pedestrian accidents.

In this case, it is not clear what caused this Los Angeles pedestrian accident. There are many unanswered questions. Were the children walking in a crosswalk? Were they crossing on traffic lanes? Were they walking along the side of the street when they got struck by the vehicle? The answers to these questions will help determine who should be held responsible for the Sun Valley pedestrian accident. If this pedestrian accident was the driver’s fault, then the injured victims and in this case, their families, could receive compensation to cover medical expenses, cost of future treatment and other related costs.

The families of these injured children would be well advised to contact experienced California pedestrian accident lawyers, who will examine all aspects of this incident and determine whether anyone’s negligence caused these personal injuries. Skilled California personal injury lawyers will also look into whether there was a dangerous condition on that roadway or intersection that caused or contributed to this pedestrian-car accident. If that was the case, the governmental agency responsible for maintaining that roadway could be held liable. Please remember that any claim against a governmental agency in California must be filed within six months of the accident/injury.

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