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Fatal Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident


A 31-year-old man was killed in a Los Angeles motorcycle accident early morning on January 8, 2010, the Daily Breeze reports. The motorcyclist, who has not yet been identified was riding north on the 405 Freeway in Torrance when he crashed into the back of a disabled big-rig blocking the lanes. California Highway Patrol officials said the tractor-trailer’s front tire had blown out. The driver then swerved across all lanes and ended up blocking the carpool and number one lanes. The motorcyclist struck the rear wheel of the big-rig’s left side. He was thrown into the tractor’s cab and sustained fatal injuries. The truck driver was not injured.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of this deceased accident victim for their tragic and sudden loss. I offer my deepest sympathies to them and will keep them in my prayers.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to California Highway Patrol’s 2007 Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), there were two fatalities and 30 injuries involving motorcycle accidents in Torrance. In Los Angeles County as a whole, 85 deaths and 2,792 injuries were reported as a result of motorcycle accidents during the same year.

Causes and Liability Issues

In this particular case, it appears that this motorcycle versus truck accident occurred because the motorcyclist was unable to stop in time to avoid a collision with the tractor-trailer. Since this accident occurred in the early morning hours, the freeway may have been dark and the motorcyclist may have hit the truck because he could not see the trailer in the dark.

In such cases, where serious or fatal injuries are involved, the victim or his/her family would be well-advised to consult with an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, who will analyze all aspects of the accident and determine whether someone else’s negligence was a factor. Some of the aspects in this case that need investigation include whether the truck driver was under influence, whether he was fatigued or fell asleep at the wheel and whether the tire blowout occurred because the trucking company did not maintain its vehicles properly.

If the truck driver’s actions caused or contributed to this fatal accident, both he and his employer could be held liable for the motorcyclist’s fatal injuries. The best personal injury law firms will always offer a free and comprehensive consultation to injured victims and their families.

consultation to not at fault persons named in this article. The free consultation offer extends to family members as well.

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