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Los Angeles County Pedestrian Accident Injures Four


Three young boys were injured in a pedestrian accident January 19, 2009 after they were struck by a car at a Pasadena street intersection. According to this news report in the Pasadena Star News, the incident occurred when a mother and her three sons – ages 3, 4 and 15 – were struck by a car on the corner of Arroyo Parkway and Fillmore Street.

Pasadena police officials say the mother and her sons were about halfway across the street when the light turned green for southbound traffic. A car in the number one lane stopped, but a car in the number two lane continued going and hit the pedestrians who were apparently on the crosswalk, still making their way across the street. The boys were conscious and talking after they were hit in this Los Angeles County pedestrian accident. But the children were all taken to the hospital for treatment. Police now characterize their injuries as “minor.” There is no information about whether the mother suffered any injuries
This is an accident that could have turned tragic in a heartbeat. I’m extremely relieved that it didn’t take that tragic turn. I’m sure this family must be badly shaken up by this street intersection collision and I wish them the very best for a quick and complete physical and emotional recovery.

California Vehicle Code Section 21950 states very clearly that the driver of a vehicle must “yield right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway” within any marked or unmarked crosswalk or at an intersection. The driver is also required under this code to “exercise all due care” and reduce the speed of a vehicle as necessary to make sure the pedestrians are able to cross the road safely.

In this particular case, it doesn’t seem to me that the motorist in question was being careful at all. The driver was possibly distracted and consequently did not notice the family in the crosswalk. It’s not easy to miss four people crossing the street in broad daylight – unless you’re not paying attention.

It would be in this family’s best interest to retain the services of an experienced Southern California pedestrian accident attorney, who will advise them of their legal rights and options. I would also suggest that the family consult their doctor as soon as possible to get a thorough check-up and an evaluation of any injuries they may have suffered in this accident. The motorist in this case could be held liable. A skilled personal injury attorney will also look into whether a dangerous roadway or condition at that Pasadena intersection may have played a part in this collision. If that was the case, then the city of Pasadena or the governmental agency in charge of maintaining that roadway could be held liable. Any claim against a governmental agency must be properly filed within six months of the incident.

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