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Lawsuits Claim Hospital Knew About Sex Attacks By Male Nursing Assistant


Five lawsuits filed against the Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center accuse the hospital of knowing that one of the male nursing assistant molested and even sexually assaulted patients at the facility and doing absolutely nothing about it. According to a news report in the Los Angeles Daily News, the complaints filed against the hospital allege that hospital officials knew about the nurse’s despicable conduct toward several female patients before he was suspended in April 2006.

The lawsuits also allege that the hospital did not do enough background checks on Ramon Eduardo Rodas Gaspar, who is now on the run and wanted by police on suspicion of molesting more than 10 women who were sedated after surgery, the newspaper reported. Plaintiffs’ attorneys say the most appalling aspect of the lawsuit is that the hospital did nothing to protect patients even after officials knew what Gaspar was up to.

An attorney for the hospital of course denies that allegation. According to hospital officials, there was only one complaint against Gaspar before 2006 and that was largely unsubstantiated in an internal investigation. But among the complainants is also a female nurse who said Gaspar groped and sexually harassed her soon after he was hired in 2004. She reported it to the hospital, but nothing came out of it.

The accounts of abuse by Gaspar are not only appalling and horrifying, but deeply disturbing. This could have happened to any unsuspecting patient who went in there from anywhere between a routine procedure to a serious surgery. Gaspar reportedly spared no one. Among his victims was a woman who was waking up from anesthesia after having her gall bladder removed. Another woman was allegedly molested after surgery for her appendicitis!

If these complaints are in fact true and if it is proven that the hospital did know about Gaspar’s actions and didn’t bother to check his dubious record, the hospital must be held accountable and liable in these incidents. These patients were in their most vulnerable state – physically weak, sedated and barely conscious after a surgery. What kind of a person would take advantage of someone in that position?

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of these horrible crimes. We hope they get fairly compensated for the physical and emotional injuries they must have suffered. And we hope outside agencies conduct a thorough investigation of hospital procedures so these types of incidents never, ever happen again.

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2 responses to “Lawsuits Claim Hospital Knew About Sex Attacks By Male Nursing Assistant”

  1. Susan says:

    on Feb 21st 2007 I had a full blown hysterectomy. I was brought into my room. From there I was in pain that was the most intense pain I have ever experienced( and I know being that I had problems to start) My nurse thought maybe I just wanted drugs..not the case at all… I wound up calling my Dr.myself.hardly able to speak…sure enough..I was enternally bleeding and my doctor asap ordered blood transfusions..approx 4 (which I suffer from a virus because of them)”THE WHOLE SIDE OF MY BODY AND GENITALS TURNED BLACK AND BLUE MORE BLACK! I was in a fog and critical only recognizing my Doctor and Family. I almost died. Meanwhile everyone was in far as I can remember. A male nurse came in with a camera and took pictures..of my body and my genitalia. (I have pics as well) I was balck on my entire right side and blue and swollen down bellow. This male nurse “I thought” was someone who knew something terrible happenned and wanted me to have proof. I made the mistake later of telling a female nurse what he did and instead of being on my side she went and I guess removed them from the male nurse. I wanted them to prove what had happenned. She refused me of them and said it was wrong what he did. One of my doctors reimbursed me of 2,400 dollors.. I wound up with a blood infection having to back once again to the hopial a 3 wks later. I was so sick..I had been running a fever of 104….I will never know what happenned. and to this day I have never been the same. Did they drop me? Did someone rape me under anesthesia…I enterally bleed to the point of almost death. All I wanted was to get better. It took 2 yrs I have pain all over “epstein Barr ” from the transfusions and nobdy to prove anything except pictures and blood work… they all stick together….It is now 2011…it is like yesterday to me. No one will ever understand what this did to me and I have not even had sex since then. I am …so they say an attractive 54 yr old. Something does not connect here AT ALL.. I will never know…or maybe I kind of now have a bit of an idea that would possibly make sense. I wish I could put a picure on here how I looked…It is shocking. I have had nightmares and so on. My Father goes there for his heart. When I visit ..I feel as if they all know something…even now.. Maybe just seeing this will be the beginning of “My recovery…finally” Thank you for sharing your story … God Bless and Good Health Susan~

  2. Anthony H says:

    I was molested by a male nurse assistant after back surgery he was giving me a sponge bath and the proceeded to rub lotion on my groin area, for about 15 minutes if any body has any advice let me know. it haunts me every night and i feel for all the people that have to go through this, i couldn’t move since my back was in extreme pain and now im going after the hospital and the guy that did it i can’t live with this i have extreme back pain and extreme emotional problems, im only 22 and it just feels like my life is ruined from the incident so if there is any advice on any of the situation please help me out, how do i go after these people, im scared and seriously feel worthless from it so please help and once again thank you for your story i just wanted to tell the world it happens to guys to. Thank you Anthony

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