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Large Octopus Gets to Crabs Before We Do on Day Three


We had a fun day. We spent six hours trying to catch king salmon from our boat in the bay with our captain/fishing guide and deck hand. King salmon are in the salt water in the bay and weigh 20 to 30 pounds. Brian caught a four-pound black bass. The bass is supposed to be excellent eating and is coming home with us. We intend to bring home 100 pounds of fish.

Discouraged with our king salmon fishing, we went halibut fishing. We knew what to do this time, since we did it two days ago. In about an hour, Brian caught two halibut, one of which is our largest fish. I caught a good size one. You’ll be able to see them in our pictures.

From there we went to retrieve our crab pot (trap) that we had baited two days before. First, we had to find it, and then we had to hoist it up from 300+ feet. The last time we baited the crab pot we caught eight crabs in four hours, so we had high hope for a crab dinner that night. We pulled up the pot and found a large octopus that had eaten who knows how many crabs in our pot. The octopus was very large and could have easily stretched eight feet. There was one crab left and he was missing all but three of his limbs.

We threw out the octopus and re-baited the crab pot before throwing it back in. We left the three-legged crab in the pot.

Our captain/guide and deck hand did well for us today. They took good care of us.

We will not know what we are doing tomorrow until we can access the weather. We are hoping to fly back to the river mouth where the salmon were staging for their run up river into the freshwater yesterday. We want another crack at catching them. If we have time tomorrow afternoon, we want to catch some more halibut and crab.

See Second Day’s Huge Salmon Catch for yesterday’s fish story.

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