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Irvine Police and Fire Officials Apprehend Arson Suspect


Irvine police apprehended a person this week, who they suspect is responsible for a series of recent arsons. The suspect was detained and arrested after he apparently, set another fire in a trash dumpster at a local elementary school. According to a news release issued by the Irvine Police Department, city police started working with the Orange County Fire Authority after a rash of incidents occurred over the last few days, including five suspicious fires in the wilderness area of the William R. Mason Regional Park. All the fires had been set in a one-mile radius and involved brush. Police and arson investigators determined that each of these fires was intentionally set. Thankfully, they did not cause any serious personal injuries or structural fires.

Prompt and Intense Investigation

Police officials say they conducted bike and foot patrols looking for the suspect in the neighborhoods and finally made the arrest the night of April 2, 2010. The suspect, a 16-year-old boy, admitted to setting the dumpster fire that night as well as the other fires. It is believed that he acted alone. He faces seven felony counts of arson. Anyone with information about this series of arsons is asked to call Detective Barry Miller at 714-573-6712.

I commend the splendid work done by police and fire officials in this case and applaud their efforts and determination to catch this arsonist. They have in effect prevented catastrophic injuries, fatalities and property damage that could have occurred if this arsonist had been allowed to continue setting such fires. In this particular case, it appears that the teenager was motivated by the gratification he derived of watching these fires burn.

Arsonists and Pyromaniacs

According to a 1987 report in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, a vast majority of profiled arsonists have a below-normal IQ – typically between 70 and 90. FBI officials say that arson could be committed by someone with a low IQ or by someone who is just angry. Setting fires, for some, is a way of expressing their anger. Also, according to statistics by the U.S. Fire Administration, half of all arsons are committed by those younger than age 18. The other half is typically in their late 20s. In arson cases that involve older people, the motivation is usually for profit. About 90 percent of all arsonists are male, and they usually, are white, the FBI report states.

WeTip Offers a Way

As a Irvine personal injury lawyer, I have represented numerous injured victims of negligence including those who have sustained severe burn injuries. Tips from the public are invaluable when it comes to apprehending arson suspects. If you see something suspicious in your local park, or near a dumpster, or in a wilderness area, which are common locations where arsonists operate, please contact WeTip anonymously at 1-800-47-ARSON to leave your tip. This is our chance to be part of a civic solution to these types of problems.

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