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Illinois Woman Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Maker of Defective Cribs


An Illinois woman has filed a class-action lawsuit against Simplicity Inc. and Target Corp. whose cribs were recently recalled because of manufacturing defects that caused the deaths of at least three infants. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, Amber Spritzer is on a mission to get justice for the parents who have been using these defective products. She herself had, until recently, put her 1-year-old daughter, Briana, to bed in one of these death traps every night.

This is what Spritzer had to tell the Tribune: “My daughter is my life, and I would do anything to protect her and I know that there are millions of parents out there that feel the same way. So if the government won’t protect our children, then I will.”

Last week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled 1 million of these defective cribs because there were at least 55 incidents with the drop-down rail in the crib. Company officials say it was a design flaw in the cribs that were made in China. The design defect basically created a gap in the crib where babies could get trapped and suffocate. The California product liability attorney who filed the lawsuit in Minneapolis said the recall was not enough and that Simplicity should have instructed consumers to immediately dismantle the crib and return it for a complete refund instead of providing them with repair kits to fix a design flaw that was the company’s fault.

Also, the company also reportedly allowed two years to pass after the first fatal incident. There were no warnings and no recalls. In the interim two other infants suffocated and died while sleeping in these cribs.

We believe Simplicity should be made to pay for their irresponsible and unethical behavior. We hope more victims of these defective products join this class action lawsuit to fight against this horrible injustice. Often times, it takes a lawsuit to bring a major corporation or industry giant to admit their fault and do the right thing. In fact, last week we filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client against predatory towing companies — many of which operate in and around Los Angeles and Orange counties. These unethical companies first tow away vehicles illegally and then charge exorbitant fees, fleecing owners who are desperate to get their vehicles back.

Whether it’s unethical manufacturers or predatory towing companies, class action lawsuits offer a route to consumers to get the legal remedies and damages they deserve. It’s a fight for justice that’s worth our time and effort.

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