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Girl Injured After Getting Hit in Face by Phone While Riding Magic Mountain Roller Coaster


Evie Evans, an 8-year-old girl from Riverside, was injured after she got hit in the face by a cell phone while riding a roller coaster at Magic Mountain in Valencia.

According to a news report on Fox 11 Los Angeles, the girl had to get 10 stitches to close the facial wound and her family is looking for answers as to how it happened.

Facial Injuries Sustained in Magic Mountain Roller Coaster Accident

The girl’s father, Josh Evans, told Fox 11 that his daughter was hit in the forehead by a phone during the ride. The phone flew out of the hand of another rider on the Twisted Colossus rollercoaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain over the July 4 weekend. Evie was treated by first-aid staff at Magic Mountain, but later went to an emergency room and needed stitches to treat the wound, her father said.

Evie was sitting with her mother Della on the rollercoaster. When she got hit by the phone, she began to scream. Evie caught the phone and turned it in to park staff. Six Flags said in the statement released to Fox 11 that the park’s policy “strictly prohibits all loose articles on rides” and that “guests must follow all written and verbal instructions for safe riding.”

Josh Evans told Fox 11 he wasn’t satisfied with the park’s response. In an email to Fox 11, he said the park’s response seemed like a “friendly way” of saying they would not take responsibility for what happened. Evans is looking for an answer to who is at fault for what happened to his daughter.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Evie Evans. We wish her the very best for a speedy and complete recovery.

Protecting Your Rights

While amusement parks are open year-round in Southern California, the region sees plenty of tourists visiting these parks during the summer. This is also the time when local residents enjoy what the area has to offer. In this particular case, Evie’s father poses an interesting question: Who is at fault here?

In such cases, there are a number of parties who could potentially be held liable for the injuries and damages caused. These include but are not limited to the amusement park, and the individual who dropped the phone, among others.

Injured victims in such cases may be able to seek compensation for damages including medical expenses, lost income, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and permanent injuries such as scarring, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. An experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who has experience handling cases involving amusement parks will be able to advise injured victims and their families regarding their legal rights and options.



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