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Four Child Drownings Occur in Three Days


Two toddlers, an 18-month-old girl and a 3-year-old boy, drowned Wednesday night in a family pool in Mesa, Ariz., according to a news report in The Arizona Republic Newspaper Friday. These are the third and fourth child drowning victims in three days in Mesa. The double tragedy happened a little before 7 p.m. when the children were found by the girl’s aunt and uncle, who said they had been watching television and lost track of time, officials told the newspaper.

The boy was found floating in the pool and the girl was submerged. They were not immediately identified. The boy was described as a family friend. Police said the pool had a fence and a gate, but that officials are still unsure about how the children got to the pool.

The other two incidents are as heartbreaking. On Monday, neighbors found 3-year-old Colin Keran, 3, floating in a swimming pool at a Mesa apartment complex. Colin, whose parents were in a nearby apartment at the time, gained access to the pool with his 5-year-old brother through a gate that didn’t latch, according to police. On Tuesday, 8-month-old Cathy Marie Romero drowned in a bathtub in an apartment. Family members said her mother was bathing the baby and three other kids but stepped away, leaving a 15-year-old in charge, according to police.

The most tragic aspect of these incidents is that they are entirely avoidable. Pool and spa owners must be ever vigilant when children and non-swimmers are in the vicinity of their pool or spa. Owners’ safety strategies and features must actually prevent the access, no excuses. Otherwise owners will be held legally responsible for almost any drowning or near drowning.

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