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Father of Four Dead In Possible Drunk Driving Crash in Carson


A drunk driver may have put the end to the life of a Compton man who worked four truck-driving jobs to support his wife and four kids, the Daily Breeze reports. Juan Gabriel Ontiveros, 32, was on his way home when his vehicle was broadsided by the driver of a Toyota pickup truck on Wilmington Avenue at Sepulveda Boulevard in Carson.

Sheriff’s deputies found a smashed case of beer and smelled alcohol in the pickup, according to the article in the Breeze. The broadside crash threw Ontiveros from his 1982 Cadillac Coupe Deville into the street. He was reportedly pronounced dead on the scene. Officials are also reportedly investigating whether the driver was drunk and if he was at fault.

Police say it is hard to figure out if the beer cans were open at the time of the crash because of the intensity of the accident. Whatever the facts of the case, one truth doesn’t change. Ontiveros’ family will be devastated by this accident. According to the newspaper article, the family had recently obtained permanent residency in the United States and bought a home last year.

But they were still struggling to make ends meet and Ontiveros and his wife even had to pawn their wedding rings to make mortgage payments. Now with their sole breadwinner gone, what is this family going to do? That’s not only a tough question, but it is traumatizing and frightening to even think about.

If this driver is found to have been driving drunk, he must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The family should definitely consider hiring a personal injury attorney to represent them. Getting an experienced attorney on their side will help make sure that their legal rights are protected and more importantly, they get the compensation and/or damages they rightfully deserve and probably desperately need to keep their house and make ends meet.

Meanwhile, deputies are still trying to find witnesses to the crash. Anyone with information is asked to contact deputies at 310-830-1123, according to the Daily Breeze.

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