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Fatal Dog Bite Victim’s Family Struggles to Make Sense Of Brutal Mauling


Kelly Caldwell was bitten and mauled to death by four dogs on Christmas night – all said to be pit-bulls. Now, even as people are placing flowers and stuffed animals on the street in Yermo where the ground is still stained with Caldwell’s blood, her family members are trying to make sense of this brutal mauling and investigators are trying to determine if criminal charges must be filed against the dog and its owners, according to an article in the Desert Dispatch.

Officers had to shoot two of the dogs, which they say were acting aggressively and quarantined two others. They learned later that all four dogs were owned by two men who lived in the same house on that street. What do the men have to say? That their dogs have nipped trespassers before, but that they would never jump over the fence and attack someone who was just passing by, according to another news report in the Desert Dispatch.

Investigators say they have no evidence yet to file criminal charges. But family members who saw Caldwell lying on the street said her legs looked like they were run over by a car and pieces of her body were scattered around the scene. Several neighbors told police that the dogs were aggressive and terrorized the neighborhood, a report in the Riverside Press Enterprise states. There are no documented complaints against the dogs.

Caldwell’s daughter Lacey Berendowsky tells the Press Enterprise: “I don’t understand how people could have animals like that. I’m just confused. I’m angry, but it’s not going to change anything.”

It will probably take investigators several weeks to gather forensic and other evidence in this case. It will be up to the district attorney whether to file any criminal charges. But the victim’s family at this point will be well-advised to hire a personal injury firm that specializes in dog attack or dog bite cases. It is very important for them to have someone on their side with the resources and experience to conduct a thorough, independent investigation; an attorney who will stand up for their rights.

As a firm that has represented many such victims, we at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys understand the pain and grief that this family is going through. Time and time again, we have helped bring a sense of justice to victims in situations where they have seen no hope for justice. No amount of money is going to bring Kelly Caldwell back and comfort her sister or daughter, who have seen her ravaged, wounded body.

But as personal injury attorneys, our job is to protect our clients’ rights and to hold wrongdoers and negligent parties responsible for their actions. Our deepest condolences go out to this family. We hope they get the answers they are looking for and most importantly, the justice they deserve.

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  1. rhonda leigh dugger says:

    hello , i am kelly caldwells eldest daughter and we have an attorney that we called , yet im not sure if they are truly showing enough inteerest. we would like to go after the county also for the negligence on not removing the dogs , after three vicious documented attacks on children.maybe if someone could get back to me on this and help with a little insight thanks

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