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Dog Bites Houston Postal Worker


Sonia Perez, 28, a Houston letter carrier was attacked and bitten badly by a Rottweiler last weekend, according to The Houston Chronicle.

The brief dog bite attack lasted only a few minutes but did enough injury to Perez to put her in the hospital with puncture wounds. The viciousness of the attack surprised even the experienced letter carrier causing her to forget her training in such a situation and use her Mace, said the news article.

I’m truly sorry for the injury suffered by Perez in this brutal and unprovoked attack and wish her a complete recovery. Postal employees across the country are always on the front line in dog attacks and Houston has earned itself the dubious honor of having the most dog attacks against letter carriers. California cities Santa Ana and Sacramento follow closely in the next two places.

California however has the most number of fatalities in dog attacks. Violent dog bite attacks can cause immediate and painful injuries as well as long-term damages including emotional scarring. Among the estimated annual 4.7 million-dog bite victims postal worker, children and the elderly are typically the ones who suffer the most. Additional studies also show this problem is getting worse.

Personally, I find this situation totally appalling. Owners of ferocious dogs have to bear the brunt of the responsibilities that go with it along with being required to own adequate insurance coverage. They must be made to realize that the dogs have to be restrained and kept secure within their property.

I’ve dealt successfully with a number of personal injury cases as a California dog bite attorney. Cities and municipalities are only now beginning to address the problem by identifying the responsible dog breeds and enacting and updating their dog ordinances.

The most critical requirement in any dog bite case is securing the evidence. I strongly recommend having an investigator go to the location promptly and record the details, including the identity of the dog, the owner, witness statements and photographs of the location.

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One response to “Dog Bites Houston Postal Worker”

  1. Julie says:

    That mail carrier needs to sue the heck out of the USPS. They sent her into an area with known loose dogs…

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