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Corona Pedestrian Accident Claims Man’s Life


Filiberto Napoleone, 76, of Corona, was reportedly struck by a sport utility vehicle Aug. 14 at a busy Corona intersection, according to this news report. Napoleone was walking on Border Avenue when he was hit southeast of Fraser Circle. He was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene of the California pedestrian accident.

According to the California Highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Reporting System (SWITRS), there were three pedestrian fatalities in Corona in 2006. There were 30 pedestrians reportedly injured in Corona traffic accidents. In Riverside County, 48 pedestrian fatalities and 464 pedestrian accident injuries were reported for that same year.

My heart goes out to Napoleone’s family. I’m deeply sorry for their loss.

This and other news reports don’t shed much light on how this Corona fatal pedestrian accident occurred. They don’t say exactly how the accident occurred. We don’t know too many details about the driver of the SUV. We don’t know whether alcohol and/or drugs were involved in the incident.

If I were a member of Napoleone’s family, I would definitely want to know more about the details and circumstances of the accident. Retaining the services of an experienced and knowledgeable Southern California personal injury attorney will help the family protect their own legal rights and find out more about what happened to their loved one and who was responsible for it.

If the SUV driver was operating the vehicle under the influence or in a reckless, dangerous or negligent manner, he or she would certainly be held civilly and criminally responsible for the incident. The news article states that the intersection where this accident occurred was a “busy intersection.” If I were representing Napoleone’s family, I would want to know if the intersection itself contributed to the accident.

Keep in mind that any claim against a governmental agency must be properly filed within 180 days of the injury..

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3 responses to “Corona Pedestrian Accident Claims Man’s Life”

  1. Neighbor says:

    border isnt that busy i live up the street that ….. (censored) …. bettter pay for it and pay hard

  2. Another neighbor says:

    Unfortunately the District Attorney has chosen not to file any charges against this lady. According to the police report this lady had 150 feet of visibility approaching the accident site, but will only state “I didn’t see him.” Guess the life of an elderly person does not mean anything in Corona!

  3. claim here says:

    Using the pedestrian lane could actually be a possible site for an accident. So everybody should be more careful when using the pedestrian lane.

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