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Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents


The following article is a guest post from the Virginia personal injury attorneys at The Parrish Law Firm.

The Virginia pedestrian accident lawyers understand that while pedestrian accidents are generally rare, when they do happen they can have disastrous consequences. Here are some of the more common circumstances that can lead to a pedestrian accident in Virginia.

The Statistics

• Every year, about 5000 pedestrians are killed and another 84,000 are injured • Pedestrian accidents make up 11% of all motor vehicle accidents • 180,000 pedestrians were killed in motor vehicle accidents between 1975 and 2005
Types of Injuries

Most pedestrian deaths occur because of traumatic brain injury caused by the impact of the victim’s head against the hood or windshield of the striking vehicle. Many of the non-fatal injuries reported by pedestrians following a crash with a motor vehicle involve damage to the lower limbs.

Factors Contributing To Pedestrian Accidents

• Drug or alcohol impairment
In 2003, 46% of pedestrian casualties involved inebriation by either the driver or the pedestrian. Of that number, 34% of the pedestrians had been legally intoxicated at the time of the crash.

• Location
About 72% of the annually reported crashes occur in urban regions, with significantly higher rates of incidents taking place in areas other than crosswalks.

• Time of day
Pedestrian crashes typically occur during the late afternoon and early evening hours presumably because of the reduced levels of visibility at a time when many people are on the road.

Driver’s Negligence

Although this type of accident may be the fault of the pedestrian, it is far more common for the blame to lie with the driver’s negligence. Common types of driver negligence include distracted driving, speeding, failing to stop at a pedestrian crosswalk, and driving with a blood alcohol content level over the legal limit or after taking drugs.

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