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School Bullying – A Secret Injury


While you may not realize it, being bullied at school is a huge problem for today’s youth. Cyber-bullying has taken over most of the space in the bullying realm with things like message boards, facebook, twitter, and other online outlets, but physical bullying is unfortunately still alive and well. Studies have shown that 77% of students from kindergarten to twelfth grade have experienced some form of bullying – whether verbal, physical, or psychological.

What this means for you – as a parent – is that it needs to be addressed just as you’d address any developmental issue with your children. If ignored, bullying can lead to self-confidence issues, depression, and even angry responses that can get your children in trouble rather than the child doing the bullying.

Today, bullying is the most common type of violence in schools from kindergarten to twelfth grade. According to Bullying Statistics in 2010, 2.7 million students are the victims of bullying each year. The worst states to live in as far as bullying goes – for K-12 students – are:

  • California
  • Washington
  • Illinois
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York

As you can see, California has been deemed one of the worst states to live in for a student with regards to bullying. Only through addressing the problem and teaching our children the proper way to act towards others can it be resolved.

Still, there are several states without bullying laws including Alaska, North and South Dakota, and Michigan. Since there are no laws written in these states, bullying goes mostly un-noticed.

If you or a loved one has been bullied and/or injured and would like to speak to an attorney about their legal rights and how to go about dealing with their case please give us a call at 1-800-259-6373 to discuss your case and you options. We’re here to help because nobody – old or young – should be bullied.

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