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California Nursing Home Star Ratings


California’s nursing home rating system is going public this new year, giving seniors something to cheer about. California being infamous for their disturbingly high instances of senior abuse has made it clear that not only do they require a rating system, but each nursing home’s rating must be displayed so that anyone walking through the front door can see it. Although 187 homes achieved the top 5 star rating, 195 received the lowest. Many nursing home officials are upset with the new rating system, which is a small price to pay to answer the public outcry that has arisen over the years.

Relief Towards California Elder Abuse

Elder abuse amongst California nursing homes is not an untold story; a surprising number have been cited for heinous acts and, until the new rating system, have seemed to have no end in sight. The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating complaints of nursing home abuse and substandard care at certain Northern California facilities. According to a news report in California Watch, federal officials could possibly file civil or criminal charges against nursing homes that have the most serious violations. Investigators are specifically looking into the use of psychiatric medications and substandard care or negligence that resulted in serious injuries or illness to nursing home residents. Officials are also looking at nursing homes that discharge sick patients or deny admission to patients who are returning from a hospital.

Nursing home abuse is frequent, but few victims understand and utilize their rights provided by the state of California. Due to the psychological damage resulting from physical violations by orderlies, victims tend to stay quiet after an attack, leaving future patients in danger of receiving the same treatment.

A more recent issue in nursing homes is the administering of unnecessary psychiatric medication to patients. These medications are extremely harmful to the health and well-being of patients, but are still administered in some nursing homes to keep residents “quiet.” Chemical restraint in nursing homes is unacceptable and facilities that resort to such inhumane and immoral methods must be held civilly and criminally liable.

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