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California Bus Accidents Are On The Rise


Just recently, two dozen people involved in the fatal church bus accident near Twin Peaks have been taken from the scene to hospitals, San Bernardino County authorities said. One person was fatally injured in the accident that occurred about 11:50 a.m. Monday as the bus was traveling westbound down a slippery Highway 189, said Officer Mario Lopez of the California Highway Patrol.

The bus hit another vehicle and went over a small embankment, slid down about 25 feet and smashed into a 50-foot tree, smashing the cab of the bus.

There were 22 people on the bus and two in the other vehicle, Lopez said. Special tools were used to cut out bus seats and extricate some of the victims.

The cause of this bus accident isn’t known, but an estimated 90% are caused by human error including distracted driving. Some of the ways you can be distracted while driving a car or bus include:

-Texting -Using a cell phone or smartphone -Eating and drinking -Talking to passengers -Grooming -Reading, including maps -Using a navigation system -Watching a video -Adjusting a radio, CD player, or MP3 player
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