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Breast Cancer is Often Misdiagnosed: How New Technology Can Prevent This From Happening


A breast cancer diagnosis is devastating on the patient and his or her family members. When you are diagnosed with this disease, you may think it could never happen to you. Now, imagine how you would feel if you later found out that you were misdiagnosed with a cancer that you did not have.

A commonly misdiagnosed form of breast cancer is Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS). More than 50,000 women are diagnosed with this disease each year. Not all of the women diagnosed need to be treated, but suffer through treatment anyway on the advice of their inexperienced pathologist.

Once you are diagnosed with DCIS, your doctor will most likely schedule you for surgery to remove harmful cells before they can develop into life-threatening cancer. The emotional and physical strain of this surgery is difficult for many women to overcome.

A DCIS diagnosis creates an emotional rollercoaster for you and your family. You will have to suffer through radiation treatments and chemotherapy drugs, often making you so sick you wonder why you are still fighting. This can place a great deal of strain on relationships with friends and loved ones. Many divorces surround a cancer diagnosis.

Women who have been diagnosed with DCIS have large chunks of their breasts removed to rid their bodies of the harmful cancerous cells. After the surgery is completed and the drug therapy has ended, most of the women inflicted with DCIS continue to live in constant fear that the cancer will return and someday kill them.

Many doctors who are inexperienced with early stages of cancer diagnosis will put patients through months of needless suffering because they rely on the traditional needle biopsy to determine cancer. Many breast cysts exist that are not cancerous, and without specialized training, doctors will often misdiagnose non-cancerous cysts that don’t need to be treated with harmful cancer-killing tactics.

Imagine the horror you or a loved one would face if you found out you had a breast removed to treat a cancer that may have never existed. According to data presented to the federal government, nearly 17 percent of all DCIS diagnoses each year are wrong. This has led the federal government to fund a nationwide study to determine the variations in breast pathology and how often it is misdiagnosed.

Luckily, there is hope for the future of DCIS and other cancer diagnoses. New imaging technology exists that can determine if your cells are cancerous or not in the extremely early stages of cell growth.

At Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, we are dedicated to helping you protect your family from unnecessary pain and suffering. NuView Life Sciences is a privately held company that can help your pathologist discover cancerous lesions using the newest forms of technology. This will eliminate many misdiagnosed forms of treatment.

This new imaging technology can help your family through uncertain times, by giving you the most accurate diagnosis possible. This technology allows you to know for certain of your cysts are cancerous. Many women can eliminate the need for unnecessary pain and suffering caused by traditional needle-stick biopsies.

The biomarkers at Nuview Life Sciences help to improve the detection and diagnosis of early stage cancers and other diseases. This allows your pathologist to discuss earlier and more effective treatment choices with you and your family.

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