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Bisnar Chase Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Oakland Trucking Company


Our firm recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the three daughters of Ronald Lee Nichols who was killed in a truck accident when an 18-wheeler, allegedly driven by Timothy Ray Johnson, jumped the curb and ran over Nichols. We filed the lawsuit in the Alameda County Superior Court seeking unspecified damages on behalf of Nichols’ daughters.

It’s important to note here that Nichols’ daughters filed their wrongful death lawsuit only after the Oakland-based trucking company denied their claim for compensation. Why did they deny it? Because they say Mr. Nichols was unemployed at the time, had a prior criminal record and that his daughters are grown and not minors.

The tragic incident occurred Feb. 18, 2006 when Nichols was walking on a public sidewalk adjacent to the East Bay Municipal Utilities District in Oakland. It was at that time when the large truck ran him over and crashed through a wrought iron fence surrounding the municipal utility. According to a police report, officers at first didn’t even think anyone was injured until they looked under the 18-wheeler. They then saw Nichols under the front axle impaled through his chest by the wrought iron fence.

What’s the driver’s story? Johnson maintains that his truck was carjacked hours before this fatal accident. But what does the police report say? That Johnson admitted to spending the hours before the accident snorting cocaine and drinking alcohol. The presence of the drug and alcohol were confirmed with Johnson’s blood tests.

We are proud to represent Nichols’ family against this truck company, which has chosen to stand by their coke-snorting, alcohol-drinking driver’s story. With this stance, the trucking company denied that Nichols’ family lost anything of value when their big rig killed him. Their allegations that Nichols was unemployed, that he had a rap sheet and that his daughters are grown are outrageous arguments and excuses to duck responsibility.

The trucking company must take responsibility for their driver’s negligent behavior and callous disregard for public safety. They are clearly liable for the horrible loss this family has suffered. We will not rest until our clients have been compensated for their irreparable loss.

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One response to “Bisnar Chase Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Oakland Trucking Company”

  1. Ben Glass says:

    Their defense is: he was not employed and his daughters were not minors? So they can just kill people who aren’t working? That might be a significant portion of the New York financial district.

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