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Bill Seeks To Tighten Ohio’s Vicious Dog Law


Tyrone Yates, an Ohio State Representative has introduced a bill that calls for a statewide ban on the pit bull breed, according to a recent report posted on

The change proposed to Ohio’s current vicious dog law would ban the ownership of a pit bull and require the dog warden to collect and euthanize any canines of this breed. A history of dog bite attacks involving pit bulls including a recent unprovoked attack by a family pit bull pet that ripped into a 12-year-old boy leaving bites to his feet, back, arms and legs prompted Yates to take action. Animal rights activists counter the bill saying the problem lies with the pit bull owners who train them to be violent. Yates recognizes the moral issues inherent to destroying a breed but is driven by his duty to public safety and is determined to keep these dogs off the street. If the bill doesn’t pass this time, Yates is determined to reintroduce it next year.

While I can appreciate what the bill is trying to achieve I do question the way it attempts to get there. The solution presented by Yates is extreme and I have my doubts if this bill can become law. California dog bite law does prohibit a breed from being banned even when dealing with a high number of dog attacks and cities here are being commendably proactive in updating their dog ordinances and seeking answers through the education of dog owners.

Any dog bite attack has the potential to inflict a huge amount of long-term physical and psychological damage and I empathize with those who have suffered such attacks. Ownership of “dangerous” dog breeds comes with a responsibility that I believe should extend to every action of the animal. I fully back laws that would file criminal charges and penalize dog owners for negligence and irresponsible actions that lead to dog attacks.

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5 responses to “Bill Seeks To Tighten Ohio’s Vicious Dog Law”

  1. maddie says:

    what is wrong with you people! each one of these dogs are different just like every human! ohio already has the most bans onso called vicious dogs, who are born already stamped with being evil and aggresive.think about all the people who already have these loyal family dogs what if somebody came to your house and pulled away and killed your best friend!! its just the same . so whats next banning golden retrievers, then types of humans! every animal and person is different and deserve to be treated as indivduals .imagine if some came and said children were no longer aloud and dragged your child off. i believe that pitbulls and all other dogs should be aloud to live in ohio without such extream restrictions because a collie, retriever or even a little terrier can become aggesive and cause harm to people and they should be delt with as individuals.

  2. marvin leonard says:

    hi i to am a dog owner, he is a brittany spaniel, that to me is a family pet, i think that the pit bulls are just too uncertain and unpredictable, my neighbor had 2 pit bulls, and we have lived in basically captivaty, the family that owns them are very wonderful people and dont treat or breed them to fight, but i personally have whitnessed the brutal attacks from these two dogs on several other dogs and 2 people, i think that if you are to own a dog like that, fences arent enough, leashes arent enough, i think that you shouldnt be allowed to own then unless you live at least 1 mile from your neighbors.

  3. Smokie says:

    I like the idea of pit bull owners being sad.

  4. Lin says:

    Smokie, you obviously have never bothered to learn about pit bulls, which by the way, is not a breed name and covers a lot of different dogs. Pit bulls have gotten a bad rap because of a few bad dogs who are bad BECAUSE of their owners. Quite a few have saved people…bet you didn’t know that. I do not own one, but I have known several and they are wonderful dogs. Pit owners are NOT stupid for owning one, but I think it fair to say your description of them is more descriptive of your attitude! I can’t stand people who fall for all the bad hype about pits. Other dogs have killed too…for instance, recently a POMERANIAN killed a baby that was laid on a bed next to it. On the other hand, a pit bull was named Hero of the Year by Kennel Ration a few years ago. You can’t lump all dogs together because of a few bad ones.

  5. shaun says:

    first off id like to say i own two pits an there very smart intelligent dogs and wouldnt hurt anyone unlike the people who say ban them there vicious well i think they should ban the annoying ankle bitters which wont happen an i think the people who want them banned and dont care should have there dogs banned an taken and euthanized see how theyd like it people are ignorant dont know nothing about the breed except for what theyve heard never had any experience or ben around them so id like to say to them people very ignorant people at that i say we should euthanize and band you

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