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Big-Rig Accident Kills Three


Blyth, California. Eighteen-wheelers are more common than ants in the summer time on Interstate 10 as they cross back and forth, coming in and leaving California over the Colorado River. Yesterday one of them was involved in a fatal truck accident near the Blyth Airport just after noon.

Authorities reported that three people were killed and two others were injured in a big rig accident involving another vehicle on Interstate 10 at Black Rock Road according to Their names have not yet been released.

Three medical helicopters were brought to the scene of the truck accident according to Riverside County Fire Information Officer Massiel De Guevara and reported on

No information was available about how the accident occurred or who was at fault. The cause is still under investigation. I’ll report back when I learn the cause of the accident.

In any big-rig accident where a commercial truck is involved, the trucking company that owns the truck and hires the driver will quickly have its investigators on the scene, sometimes before their truck is even moved. They will be looking to defend any claims they were at fault in the accident. They may even attempt to take statements from the injured or the family of deceased accident victims.

If you were involved in this truck accident or any traffic accident, what you say can and will be used against you. Do not give statements or discuss the accident with investigators until you have consulted with a skilled attorney. Do not sign anything either. You are required to give a statement to the investigating police only.

Need to speak to someone about a traffic matter involving serious injuries or worse? Call or email me.

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