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Bakersfield Car Accident Due To Dangerous Roadway Caused Elderly Couple’s Personal Injuries, Family Says


The family of Bill and Belma Martin has said that the elderly couple’s personal injuries were caused by a Bakersfield car accident due to a dangerous roadway condition. The family apparently contacted the local ABC 23 television station because neither Kern County nor Caltrans would give them the help and information they needed. Bill and Belma Martin are apparently still bedridden with personal injuries after crashing into a telephone pole in April, the ABC News report says.

The couple was reportedly traveling on Foothill Road when they crashed into a telephone pole not knowing that they were in a “right-turn only” lane. The car rolled over, causing multiple injuries to the Martins. Family members say the problem is that there are not enough warning signs on the street telling drivers they must turn right or a sign saying that the road ends. At the time of the rollover car crash, there was only one sign and that was at the corner of the turn. By the time the driver saw the sign, it was too late.

My heart goes out to Bill and Belma Martin and the family members who are now caring for this injured couple. I wish the Martins the very best for a quick and complete recovery. Please keep them in your prayers.

The couple’s son Al Rush, tells ABC News that there is simply not enough notice that this road dead-ends into a telephone pole. The family says something needs to be done on that dangerous roadway before someone else is injured or killed in a car accident. Caltrans officials are saying that the right-turn lane was put in by a private owner of a newly built shopping center on the street. The owner of the center says he recently put up another right turn warning sign as required by Caltrans and is willing to put a reflector on the telephone pole. But, he’s not making any promises.

I commend the local ABC News station for taking on this important issue on behalf of the family. It is obvious to me that the parties involved in this issue are trying to pass the buck. The governmental agency responsible for maintaining that Bakersfield roadway is the one that is responsible for fixing the problem — be it Kern County or Caltrans. It does not appear to me that this is a private driveway into the shopping center or that the roadway itself is owned or maintained by the company that owns the shopping center. So, I would urge the family to not give up and get to the bottom of it.

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