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What Are The Most Common Auto Defects?


Orange County Personal injury accidents have been known to seriously injure or kill victims. A number of these accidents will have been caused by common auto defects. Victims who find themselves in this situation will need to find the right attorney for their case. Victims of auto defect accidents will need an experienced auto products liability lawyer, with the right team of experts to win.

The most common types of auto defects that you see on the highway are rollover cases. This is partly due to the number of SUV’s on the highway. An SUV will rollover easier than passenger cars — although they don’t necessarily have to.

In addition to rollover cases you will see a lot of tire tread separation cases. Tire tread separation is where the tread comes off the tire which can lead to a rollover accident. Another defect to be aware of is airbag failure. Some airbags will fail to deploy or deploy untimely. An airbag needs to deploy just right or you can be injured from your airbag.

Defective seatbelts have also been known to cause serious harm and fatal injuries. You can feel like you or your family member is safely buckled up but when you get in a rollover accident your seatbelt could fail. This could cause you to be ejected from the vehicle and be seriously injured or killed. People will assume you were not wearing your seatbelt but you were. Seatbelt buckles are known to come undone at times.

After an accident it is well advised to consult with a knowledgeable lawyer. A number of Newport Beach personal injury lawyers will offer free, no obligation consultations. Some will even offer a no win no fee guarantee. This means that if they don’t win your case you don’t pay.

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