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Amusement Park Ride Accident


Improper Maintenance Blamed for Amusement Park Ride Accident

A Yo-Yo Chair Ride that crashed during the Calaveras County Fair in May injuring 21 children was not properly maintained by its owner, the California Department of Industrial Relations has ruled. According to an Associated Press news article, the state department’s report found a damaged washer had failed to hold a pair of nuts in place on the Yo-Yo Chair Ride. That apparently caused the ride’s swing arms to collapse causing 21 amusement park ride injuries on the Yo-Yo Chair Ride.

The report also said that the ride’s owner, Brass Ring Amusements Midway of Fun, operated the ride without the required inspections, certifications and documentation that was needed to make sure the ride was safe. The ride owner is based in Oroville, California.

The amusement park accident at Calaveras County Fair was one of two California ride accidents that led Chance Rides Manufacturing Inc. to recall 85 defective Yo-Yo rides in October. The other accident occurred in Angels Camp, California injuring 23 people. In addition, a third incident in March 2006, involved a Yo-Yo ride in Six Flags in Arlington, Texas, that malfunctioned. Nine people suffered bruises as well as back and neck injuries in that ride accident. The Wichita, Kansas based amusement park ride manufacturer recalled the rides to repair defects.

The Yo-Yo ride apparently has a series of metal arms extending from a rotating hub. A chair is attached to the end of each arm by a chain. The arms and chairs then swing outward as the hub rotates and picks up speed. Last year, the manufacturer also agreed to issue new maintenance guidelines for these rides.

The victims who were injured by this amusement park ride have claims not only against the ride operators who failed to properly maintain the ride, but also the manufacturer for making defective and dangerous products. The injured victims would be well-advised to retain the services of a reputed California amusement park accident attorney, who has experience dealing with California product defect cases.

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