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Day Two of the AIDS/Lifecycle Event with Lorraine Glenn


LA personal injury lawyer sponsors bike rider for AIDS/Lifecycle

After a day of fog, rain and rolling hills, the Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys Newport Beach Personal Injury Lawyer’s sponsored rider, Loree Glenn, woke up early yesterday morning to begin the longest day of her 545 mile journey. Yesterday’s ride was a shocking 107.6 mile stretch. Unlike her previous day’s terrain, this route was mostly flat and the weather was great.

On Loree’s ride from Santa Cruz to King County (bike route below on map), Loree was able to see more of California’s beautiful country side. The route took her through strawberry fields, vineyards and artichoke fields, which stretched as far as the eye could see.

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Staying focused was key to complete today’s ride. Loree’s concentration was focused on getting to the next rest stop rather than completing the route. With each rest stop she arrived at there was a new surprise waiting for her. Each stop had been given a theme. Decorations and costumes were coordinated with the theme. The rest stops today included extreme makeover (recession edition), Girl Scouts, 80’s rock and pajamas.

After completing a long 107-mile trip, Loree was filled with joy and excitement. Loree and the other riders ate and stretched out their aching muscles before calling it a night. After today’s extremely long ride she is sure the rest of the trip will seem like a breeze.

Loree’s persistence and endurance in today’s journey is evidence that you can achieve anything in life if you put your mind and your heart to it. To donate to support Lorraine Glenn in her ride for AIDS victims please click on the link. Everything you donate will be given to support the HIV/AIDS services of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, as well as to increase awareness and knowledge about HIV/AIDS among the ride’s participants, donors and the general public.

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