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Florida’s Best Long Term Disability and Social Security Disability Lawyer


I came across this extremely informational blog: “How to Avoid Making Mistakes in your LTD/ERISA Statement or Field Visit” written by Florida long-term disability attorney Nancy Cavey. Like most states, in Florida, long term disability insurance is purchased individually or through one’s employer. Plans purchased privately in Florida are controlled by the state and those bought through an employer are controlled by the Federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA as it is commonly known.

Nancy Cavey warns readers that if a long-term disability or ERISA carrier calls and asks to take your statement or arrange a field visit, it means trouble. If that happens, it would be in your best interest to retain the services of an experienced and knowledgeable long-term disability lawyer such as Nancy Cavey before you make mistakes during your statement or field visit by the ERISA investigator. Such mistakes could cost you your long term disability benefits.

Cavey explains that disability claims are usually denied because there is no objective evidence of your diagnosis; no evidence of disability or no proof of the causal relationship between your disability and your inability to perform your job. The ERISA carrier will usually want to arrange a field visit because they question what your doctor has to say about your restrictions and what you are reporting on your Activities of Daily Living forms you are asked to complete.

Cavey goes on to say that these so-called field visits are actually traps that these ERISA carriers set for you because they have probably already done surveillance on you prior to this visit. Once you sign your statement, they may pull this surveillance report out of their pockets and point out discrepancies between the statement you signed and what they discovered through their surveillance. Please don’t let this happen to you. If you have been asked to schedule such a field visit with your ERISA carrier, please contact an experienced long-term disability/ERISA attorney like Nancy Cavey right away.

With Nancy Cavey, you’ll not only be prepared, but she will make sure that the questions you are asked are clear and not open-ended and meant to make you walk right into a trap. She is someone who will remain on your side, look out for your interests and fight for your rights while being compassionate and sensitive to your needs. Employers and insurance companies will look for a shortcut to try and cut off your benefits, but with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney like Nancy Cavey, you know that your rights will be preserved. This is an extremely complicated area of law, but with Nancy Cavey you can rest assured that everything will be explained and that she will guide you successfully through this complex process. For more information, please visit Nancy Cavey’s Web site:, she is the best long term disability and Social Security Disability attorney in know in the state of Florida.

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