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A Dog Bite Case With Two Attacks


Man victimized by dog and then the by his own attorney.

Ernest Sevilla was severely injured in a dog attack by a Japanese fighting dog. The dog took chunks of flesh from his left hand. It took over a hundred stitches to repair the hand and days of hospitalization to overcome the infection. Being a self employed contractor he lost months of work and was nearly bankrupted.

Sevilla hired a personal injury attorney to handle his case against the dog’s owner. The attorney told him he had a winning case. Three years later Sevilla’s doctors told him he must pay his medical bills himself because his personal injury case was thrown out of court. He contacted his attorney to find out what happened and was told his case had been dismissed because he was a fault and suggested that he file bankruptcy.

After reading a copy of the court’s file of his case, Sevilla realized that he was victimized a second time. He discovered that his case was dismissed due to failures of his attorney and not due to the merits of his case. That’s when he hired Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys.


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