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Two Girls Hospitalized After Receiving Electric Shocks in Family Pool


August 16, 2012–Garden Grove, CA–Two girls were rushed to the hospital after receiving jolts of electricity in their family pool Monday, according to ABC News sources.

While it is unclear how the pool became electrified, the shocks that Tiffany Cruz, 23, and Bianca Cruz, 15, received were real enough. The family speculated that recent work on an underwater pool light may have been the cause. Both girls are expected to recover, although one remains hospitalized.

My sincere wishes for a speedy recovery go out to the victims in this case.

Pool Accident Statistics

While drownings are relatively common pool accidents, few people are ever electrocuted in their own pools. Of course, the danger is always present if any electrical appliances are used close to the pool or, as may have been the case in this incident, faulty wiring of a pool pump or light is to blame.

In the period of 1990 to 2002, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 60 cases of pool electrocution and 50 cases of injury. The reasons ranged from radios plugged in close to the pool to underwater pool lights, pumps, and pressure washers that malfunctioned.

What Can We Do To Prevent Pool Electrocutions?

Parents and others who are concerned about the possibility of pool electrocution should have GFIs or ground fault interrupters installed in any area where there is the possibility of any water coming in contact with electrical appliances. Pool owners should also have the light and pump checked periodically and replaced if any pieces are cracked or showing signs of wear.

Liability Issues

If the parents’ surmise is correct in this case and the young ladies suffered electric shock due to faulty work on the pool light, the person who installed the light and the company he works for may be liable for their injuries. It is also possible that the manufacturer of the part may be liable if the part was defective upon installation.

However, it seems less likely that this is the case as the family reported that the work was done over two weeks ago. If the workmanship is indeed at fault, it is very likely that an Orange County swimming pool accident attorney would choose to file suit against the installer and his or her company, as well as questioning the safety of the part itself as it was produced by the manufacturer.

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