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Two Fatally Injured in Riverside Truck Accident


Two drivers in Riverside California died after a big-rig truck accident on Route 79. At 10 a.m. between San Jacinto and Perris California, a Dodge Ram pickup truck towing a motor home lost control and veered onto traffic, colliding head on with a big-rig truck that was transporting animal feed. The impact caused both truck drivers serious injuries and they were not able to survive. Both were over the age of 70.

The California Highway Patrol is still investigating who is at fault. Police officials are researching the horrific collision and will look at factors such as drinking and driving, driver fatigue, distracted driving, and other causes of truck accidents in California.

Truck accidents are on the rise. The statistics on these accidents are quite shocking in themselves:

Rural areas carry the most amounts of truck accidents, comprising 68% of all truck accidents vs. 32% occurring in urban areas. Over half a million truck accidents occur each year, and about 5,000 are fatal. Weighing over 80,000 pounds, most trucks can cause devastating consequences upon impact with other trucks or smaller passenger vehicles.

Although the highest amount of fatal traffic accidents occurred in California in 2003, there were 332 truck accidents that ended in fatalities. These numbers are higher in states such as Florida and Texas, who has less overall traffic accidents but higher fatal truck accidents.

Contrary to popular belief, only about 1% of all truck accidents in California are due to driving under the influence. In most cases, the driver has not had enough rest, accounting for over 30% of all truck accidents.

Contacting a California truck accident lawyer may be useful if involved in a truck accident in Orange County, Riverside or other locations in California. They will hire investigators to research the scene of the accident and ensure you have the best chance of receiving justice and compensation. Contact a truck accident lawyer in California today.

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