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Two 5-year-old Boys Hurt In Las Vegas Dog Attack, Dog Owner Could Face Charges


Two small children were severely injured in a frightening dog attack in Las Vegas after two pit-bulls escaped from their yard and pounced on the 5-year-old boys. One child was bitten on the face and another on the leg, according to Eyewitness News reports. Latest reports on the news station’s Web site say the boys are doing well now although one of them had to get 152 stitches on his face.

The dog owner in this case, will most likely face criminal charges, officials told Eyewitness News. Officials say the pit-bulls were running loose without any rabies vaccines or tags, which are all violations of Clark County laws. The animals have also been deemed vicious, which means the dog owner, Carlos Santiago, could face 12 years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines.

Santiago has already admitted that it was his fault that the dogs got out and attacked the kids. He said a door must have blown open in the wind and guesses that’s how his dogs got out. Based on his interview with the media, it is also apparent that he knew at least one of dogs had vicious tendencies. Officials say Santiago did not make sufficient attempts to keep the dogs restrained. The only thing separating the dogs from the street was a flimsy piece of plywood, the owner admits in the article.

There is no question that the owner must have done more to restrain his dogs especially after he knew that at least one of the dogs could get out and harm someone. Although it is honorable of him to admit his fault, the damage has been done. Two young children have been viciously mauled. They’ve been left with physical and emotional scars, which won’t go away easily.

These types of incidents should be examples for dog owners everywhere. This is what could happen if you’re not careful. This is what could happen if you don’t take your responsibilities seriously enough. We’re also happy that Clark County has done its part to update its dangerous dog ordinance. Other municipalities and counties should do the same to protect their residents and the community.

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