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Tustin Personal Injury


Columbus Tustin, a Northern California carriage maker purchased 1,300 acres of what had been the Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana for the price of one dollar and fifty cents per acre. Mr. Tustin attempted to create “Tustin City,” but sales of home sites were slow, and in the early 1870s he ended up giving free lots to anyone who would build a home.

By the turn of the century, groves of apricots and walnuts were gradually being replaced by the more profitable Valencia oranges. During World War II, three military bases were established in nearby bean fields and unincorporated areas in proximity to Tustin including the navy’s Lighter-Than-Air Base (where the huge hangers housed coast-patrolling blimps). Literally, there were only about 900 residents in the city until the building boom of the mid century.

In the 1950s, Tustin’s growth began in earnest. The orchards were developed by builders and by 1970 the population had jumped to 32,000. Growth was a painful process as houses replaced orange groves. Tract after tract replaced grove after grove.

The big leap came in the 1960s when the population increased a whopping 1,012 percent, going from 2,006 to 22,313 and the land area increased from 434.23 acres to 2,214.77, or a 410 percent increase. The Marine Corps Air Station was annexed to Tustin, adding 2,076 acres to the city. A few years later 2,257 acres that had been in the Irvine Ranch agricultural preserve were annexed and are being developed as Tustin Ranch.

Today, almost all the orchards are gone; now Tustin is an urban area. And with rapid urban expansion and change comes typical urban problems, like the escalation of personal injuries.

With a change from orchards to freeways comes an intense increase in problems relating to human interaction. Before you become a statistic, keep these thoughts in mind:

If you have been involved in a personal injury matter in Tustin, or anywhere for that matter, take a strong evaluation of your situation and consider an attorney. Keep in mind, that they’re in a rush to find and hire a lawyer; take your time and find a good one. At the same token, however, balance that search with the knowledge that there does exist a statute of limitations.

California laws limit the amount of time personal injury victims can take to seek compensation for expenses such as medical bills, lost income, vocational rehabilitation, physical pain and emotional suffering due to a personal injury. In some cases those time limits are as short as 180 days or they may stretch to two years or longer. In any case, the sooner you start, the sooner you can pursue a personal injury lawsuit or litigation and receive a verdict or settlement.

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