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Toddler Drowns In Coto de Caza Backyard Pool


The Orange County swimming pool accident lawyers at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys often remind the public about keeping young children safe in and around swimming pools.

These are tragedies that can be prevented.

We’re about a month away from Memorial Day and already, we’re hearing about drowning and near-drowning incidents in Orange County.

The Orange County Register reports that Lucia Ulrich, a 2-year-old girl
died the night of May 4, 2015 after her mother found her unconscious inside a backyard pool in Coto de Caza.

Officials said the mother found her daughter fully clothed and in the backyard pool not breathing.

A neighbor came over hearing the woman’s cries for help and started CPR on the girl. Paramedics took the girl to Mission Hospital where she was pronounced dead an hour later. Officials said the pool did not have a fence which allowed the girl easy access.

OC Swimming Pool Accidents

This drowning comes just days after two toddlers were critically injured in Orange County backyard pools. Both of those children nearly drowned. This is the seventh drowning in Orange County just this year.

Seven other near-drowning incidents have also occurred. Of the 14 incidents, six of the injured or dead were children 7 or younger, and six incidents involved people 50 or older.

Layers of Protection

Officials and safety advocates often advise “layers of protection” around swimming pools. The “layers” they are talking about include various types of barriers including supervision, fences, pool covers, alarms and more. Some layers prevent children from getting access to the water.

Other types of layers such as alarms alert adults if any barriers have been crossed. Some layers are meant to minimize injury should a child gain access to the water, such as, swim instruction, proper rescue techniques and knowledge of CPR. Of course, prevention is the best strategy.

Never take your eyes off children in and around water. Use barriers and fences including self-latching gates and secured doors with alarms that will prevent your child from wandering into the pool. Adults and children should learn to swim.

Adults should also get training in basic water rescue skills, first aid and CPR and make sure they have rescue equipment and a phone by the pool. We hope you have a safe and wonderful summer!

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