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Three Injured In Santa Rosa Chevy Suburban Rollover Accident


Three people were injured in a two-car SUV rollover accident on Highway 12 in Santa Rosa after a Chrysler sedan reportedly ran a red light and struck a Chevrolet Suburban sport utility vehicle, which flipped over. According to an article in the Press Democrat, both the driver and a passenger in the sedan and the driver of the Suburban were injured.

From the photo of the Chevrolet Suburban in this SUV Rollover accident, it appears that the vehicle’s roof crushed, which is common for General Motors Company SUVs. If the injuries to the occupants of the Chevrolet Suburban were severe head or spinal cord injuries or if any other injuries were caused by the collapsing roof or seat belt failures, the victims would be well-served by consulting with one of about a dozen auto defect law firms in the nation that are truly experienced in handling GMC SUV litigation. When considering hiring a SUV rollover accident attorney, ask them how many similar cases they have completed and how many they have in progress. Your might also want to know how many auto defect cases in total they have successfully completed against General Motors.

More than 40,000 people die in rollover accidents in the United States each year. Many of these rollover accident fatalities involve SUVs. Lack of roof strength is the main reason why occupants of SUVs are at risk for serious brain and spinal injuries in the event of a rollover crash. That is also why the fatality rate is so high in these types of auto accidents.

We have done extensive drop testing on GMC SUVs to prove their design defects, which have paralyzed hundreds and killed even more. These are extremely dangerous vehicles, especially in rollover accidents, and GMC knows it. GMC has settled numerous SUV auto defect cases with my firm alone.

Also remember, that in order to effectively pursue an California auto defect case, the automobile must be preserved in its original crashed condition, unaltered. The vehicle itself is a primary piece of evidence, necessary to prove the defect.

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