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Teen Seriously Injured in Los Angeles Hit and Run Crash Released from Hospital


Roberto Diaz, 16, who was seriously injured in a South Los Angeles hit-and-run crash three months ago, has been released from the hospital. According to KTLA News, the incident occurred Aug. 6 on Maple Avenue near East 37th Street in the Historic South-Central neighborhood of Los Angeles. The driver struck Diaz and dragged him about 1,500 feet before he was dislodged from the vehicle.

Long Road to Recovery

The teen has since undergone a dozen surgeries and still needs physical therapy. He is now able to walk with a special boot on his right leg and with a walker, although he gets tired and needs breaks, his mother Belen Garcia disclosed to KTLA that it’s a miracle that her son is still able to walk because doctors were initially considering amputating his leg. Diaz was in the intensive care unit first and was later transferred to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles during his recovery.

The teen had just left a nearby store after buying soda and was riding his bike on the crosswalk when a car ran a stop sign and struck him. Three months later, the case remains open and the hit-and-run driver has still not been identified or found. Police describe the vehicle as a 2007 or 2008, dark-blue Honda Accord or Civic with tinted windows. Anyone with information is asked to contact LAPD’s Central Traffic Division detectives at 213-833-3713.

Impact on Hit and Run Victims

Diaz’s story is yet another illustration of the trials and tribulations faced by hit-and-run victims. In this case, Diaz was severely injured. He was in danger of losing his leg. He had to remain hospitalized for three months. And the ordeal is still not over. He has to undergo extensive physical therapy to be able to walk again. He will likely have chronic conditions that may last a lifetime. Of course, treating these types of injuries can cost a significant amount of money.

However, in a hit and run crash where the driver has fled, there is no one to hold accountable. So, families often have to count on their own health insurance and auto insurance policies to pay these potentially exorbitant costs. Hit and run victims would be well advised to contact an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer who can remain on their side, fight for their rights and help ensure that they receive the maximum possible compensation for their tremendous losses.



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