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Teen in Critical Condition After Glendale Hit-and-Run Crash


Glendale police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a hit-and-run driver who struck and critically injured a 13-year-old girl in Glendale. According to a CBS Los Angeles news report, the incident occurred on the afternoon of July 24 in the 800 block of East Garfield Avenue. The girl was struck and severely injured and remains hospitalized in critical condition a week later.

Ongoing Investigation

Police don’t have a driver description at this time. However, the vehicle is described as a black 2019-2020 Lexus GX460, which was confirmed by the vehicle parts left at the scene. Police say the SUV will have damage to its right front headlight assembly or front bumper. Anyone with information about the crash or the vehicle is urged to contact Glendale police at 818-548-4911.

Our hearts go out to this girl who has apparently suffered major injuries in this hit-and-run collision. We wish her the very best for a quick and full recovery. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Leaving the Scene

Based on this news report, it appears that the driver of the Lexus struck the girl and then left the scene without stopping to help. Under California law, it is illegal for drivers to leave the scene of an injury or fatal accident. California Vehicle Code Section 20001 (a) requires drivers to stop immediately and remain at the scene of the crash.

Drivers are also required to exchange pertinent information with other parties involved and most importantly, render aid to the injured victim or victims. Getting prompt medical attention can make the difference between life and death for injured victims in traffic accidents.

Justice for Victims

In a hit-and-run accident, injured victims and their families are deeply affected financially because they are left facing the financial burden in the aftermath of the crash such as medical expenses. It can also be emotionally traumatic when the hit-and-run driver is at large because victims or families have no one to hold accountable.

In such cases, it is important that victims and families contact an experienced Los Angeles hit and run lawyer who will stay on top of the official investigation and help ensure that their legal rights and best interests are protected. A knowledgeable Los Angeles car accident lawyer will also be able to advise victims and families regarding how their own car insurance policy might be able to compensate them especially when the at-fault driver hasn’t been found, or if the driver is uninsured or underinsured.




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