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Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Try to pick up the Pieces


Riders in Orange County know that getting hit in a Santa Ana motorcycle accident is not uncommon; in fact some may say that it is dangerously frequent. Whether you are dodging distracted tourists, avoiding drunk drivers, or keeping an eye out for motorists who simply do not pay attention to motorcyclists, traveling the streets of Santa Ana can be a worrisome excursion. A few recent Santa Ana motorcycle collisions have drawn the County’s attention back to rider’s safety and the attorneys who are trying to put these victim’s lives back together.

Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Santa Ana isn’t exactly a small city. Its population of 324,528 citizens makes it the largest city in Orange County and one of the largest cities in the United States. Such a packed community in a relatively small space seems to be leading locals onto a dangerous path with no real light at the end of the tunnel. According to the 2009 California Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), 46 people were injured due to motorcycle accidents in Santa Ana, a daunting number which has plenty of room for improvement.

Sadly, many motorcycle collisions result in life-threatening injuries for riders. In late August of 2011, a biker riding his Harley-Davidson suffered serious injuries after colliding with a Honda Accord on Bristol Street. The motorcycle accident victim was traveling north on Bristol when the driver of the Honda Accord drove out of an apartment complex and collided with his motorcycle. Too often, motorcycle collisions can be easily prevented by a driver simply taking the time to survey an area before proceeding.

Santa Ana Motorcycle Attorneys do their Part

Motorcycle accidents aren’t always due to driver error, sometimes they are the fault of the city. Attorneys at the Law Offices of Bisnar and Chase seem to be shedding light on the subject by pursuing cases against cities with abnormal amounts of intersection accidents. These cases have resulted in substantial settlements for their clients and are hopefully spurring cities into making constructive changes at other dangerous intersections. One of these cases resulted in over 10 million dollars for their client and an entirely new safe intersection where the accident prone area once stood.

If you are looking for an experienced attorney, or are simply looking for more information about your case, contact a Santa Ana motorcycle accident lawyer today for a free professional evaluation. The attorneys at Bisnar and Chase have spent over 30 years perfecting the client experience and have developed a 97.5% success rate. Their experience, success and high client satisfaction rate will give you the peace of mind to concentrate on your treatment rather than your motorcycle lawsuit.

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