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Protecting Pit-Bulls And Ourselves


Vicious dogs and especially vicious pit-bulls are a danger to society. My regular readers are familiar with my complaints about the more aggressive and vicious breeds of dogs. I have been unaware of the size, scope and cruelty of the dog fighting under-world.

Recalling a number of vicious Pitbull attacks on our clients, I am wondering if some of those dogs were actually raised for fighting, inadvertently escaped from their owners and took out their pent up hatred of their handlers on the next human being they came in contact with. Could it be that a part of the reason we see so many really serious maulings of people and pets from Pit-bulls is that those particular dogs were from a line intentionally bred for their vicious and aggressive tendencies. Is the sub-society, that supports and participates in dog fighting partially to blame for the increasing number and severity of dog attacks by Pit-bulls in America?

The Human Society of the United States is campaigning the National Football League to punish, Michael Vick, a mega-star NFL player and alleged dogfighter in an appropriate manner. If you would like to weigh in on this matter and let the NFL know how you feel about this issue, the HSUS has made it easy for you, go to:

Here is the letter I sent to the NFL Commissioner via the HSUS website:

Dear Commissioner Goodell,

Please immediately suspend Michael Vick from the NFL for his alleged involvement in dog fighting. Keeping him out of training camp is a step in the right direction, but it isn’t enough. Michael Vick will only bring shame and controversy to the NFL until the dog fighting charges and allegations of terrible cruelty to dogs have been resolved in federal court.
Dog fighting is cruel and criminal, and showing any tolerance for it reflects very badly on the NFL. You must suspend Vick entirely, pending the outcome of his case.

I believe this is an opportunity to send a message to NFL players that playing in the NFL comes with responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to be a model citizen. Failure to live up to this responsibility comes with the natural consequence, not playing.

Players may complain that they should not be held to a higher standard than the average “Joe”. They should be held to a higher standard. The average “Joe” isn’t as visible, isn’t marketed as a “hero”, isn’t held up as a “model” of being a man and isn’t admired and emulated by America’s youth.

An NFL player is a part of the overall sports entertainment business of the NFL. When a player’s actions on or off the field detract from the “play by the rules”, “sportsmanship”, strive to be the best, image of the NFL, the player is degrading the NFL, his fellow players, professional sports and the American way of life.

Please rule fairly, swiftly and consistently with players. Send the message that anti-social behavior or any behavior that is not in keeping with the image that the NFL wants to project will not be tolerated. Be crystal clear with yourselves and the players as to what that image is, what exemplary behavior is and what will not be tolerated.

Thank you.

John Bisnar Former NFL season ticket holder (we have no team in So. Cal) and 27 year NBA season ticket holder.

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