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Pit Bulls Attack and Kill Livestock in Mendocino County


Pit bulls on the loose have been attacking and killing livestock by the hundreds in Mendocino County, according to this news report in the Press Democrat. So far no dog attacks on humans have been reported. A federal trapper who talked to the newspaper said he has killed at least 90 pit bulls while in the act of killing or chasing livestock just in the last two years. Many other pit bulls have been trapped and turned over to animal control.

Law enforcement officials in Mendocino County blame the increase in the number of dangerous and vicious dogs in the area to the cultivation of marijuana for medical uses in this area. They say marijuana growers are suspected of bringing these dogs to guard their gardens in the remote northern part of Mendocino County. These pit bulls apparently have been a huge problem for those who own livestock in the area. The dogs have killed ewes, miniature horses and a variety of other livestock. Officials say that while wild predators tend to kill one animal at a time to eat, pit bulls chase and kill or badly maim livestock just for fun. To them, it’s sport.

This is a frightening situation with scary possibilities. Dogs roaming around in packs are certainly more dangerous than dogs working alone. We’ve seen time and again that such packs of dogs, especially pit bulls, pose a significant hazard to human beings as well.
Although there are many animal rights groups that defend pit bulls, we’ve seen that almost every dog attack that involves a fatality in our country or elsewhere, involves a pit bull or a pit bull mix.

It is time officials in Mendocino County cracked down on these dog owners and require them to keep their dogs restrained and confined to a certain area. They must certainly not be allowed to roam the countryside attacking and killing animals. It has been proven that dogs that attack animals will eventually attack human beings. Forget children, even grown men are no match for brawny pit bulls that are determined to attack and kill their prey. Mendocino County should also limit the number of pit bulls each owner can have on his or her property. These owners must also be required to carry liability insurance so that if their dog or dogs injure someone, the injured victim can be fairly compensated.

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