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Personal Injury Lawyers Go On Alaska Fishing Trip


Over this last week, John Bisnar and Brian Chase of the Los Angeles personal injury law firm, Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys experienced an exciting adventure which led them through bear inhabited rivers, beautiful lakes, rivers and bays. They were able to catch a number of fish and crab including halibut, salmon, and cod (all of which tasted amazing). The trip was captured through an exceptional collection of photos. You may find the personal injury lawyer’s Alaska fishing trip photos by visiting the Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys website.

Day One of John & Brian’s Big Adventure

Brian and John started day one of the Alaskan adventure by visiting the harbor to catch bait. It took the two partners only 20 minutes before they had enough bait to fish all day and set a crab pot (trap). The two injury lawyers continued to Larson Bay and set their crab pot full of cod bait then took off for fishing.

After four hours of fishing, they caught 10 halibut. These fish were 12 to 30 pounds each! The limit was six, so they released some of the smaller fish.

With no sign of any salmon, the two injury lawyers headed for the crab pot. To their surprise, they found eight tanner crabs had already made their way into the pod. The crabs and more than 30 pounds of halibut steak will made delicious meals.

Huge Salmon Catch

Day two of the Alaskan fishing trip brought Brian and John up-close and personal with the legendary Alaskan Kodiak bears. Armed with two shotguns and fly-fishing gear, they cautiously entered the river where two bears were also fishing. Their fishing guides gave them a quick lesion in fly-fishing then watched as they used their newly acquired skill to reel in two salmon.

From there they flew into the mountains in search of the perfect fishing steam for trout. From the plane, they were able to spot a lake filled with salmon. After landing and setting up, the two were able to hook and catch salmon on their fly rods until their arms were tired. They caught 50 pounds of fish by the end of the day.

An Eight-Foot Octopus Steals Their Crabs

By the third day of John and Brian’s Alaskan fishing trip they were ready to reel in a few king salmon. They fished for six hours hoping to catch one of the enormous fish, which weigh between 20 to 30 pounds. With little to no luck, the two personal injury lawyers decided to go halibut fishing.

Their experience fishing for halibut two days prior certainly helped. Brian was able to catch two halibut, one that is their largest fish, and John was able to reel in a good-sized one too. Once the two felt content with their halibut fishing, they journeyed back to the crab pot that they set up on day one.

When setting up a crab pot one usually expects to catch, well, crabs. Brian and John were not so fortunate. After pulling their crab pot out of the water, they found an eight-foot octopus who had eaten most of their crabs. Apparently, the octopus had eaten the crabs before they could. They threw the octopus out and re-baited the crab pot hoping the octopus does not make a habit of this.

The two had a great journey full of adventure though Alaska’s wild outdoors. Huge bears, a giant octopus, and great fishing made a memorable trip for both of them. With the number of fish they caught on this trip, I think it may be safe to say that they will both be eating delicious fish and crab dinners for the next few months.

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