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Personal Injury Attorney Laguna Niguel


Personal injuries happen every day, yet most people never recover the money for their injuries, medical bills, lost time at work, and pain and suffering to which they are entitled by law and by right. Personal injuries may be minor or severe, but they all have one thing in common: they are caused by someone’s negligence.

Perhaps you have experienced a slip and fall accident because an employee of a company failed to clean up a spill or to warn customers appropriately. Perhaps you were the victim of a car accident because someone carelessly ran a red light. Perhaps you were injured by a product you purchased which did not function correctly. In each of these cases, someone was responsible for your injuries, and it is only right that the person or company responsible should pay for your damages. If you are a victim of personal injury accidents, a professional personal injury attorney will be able to help determine whether or not you have a case.

The reason you need the services of a personal injury attorney in Laguna Niguel to help you recover your damages for these types of accidents is simple. Without a personal injury lawyer’s help, you will probably never recover the full amount to which you are entitled, and you will only recover a small amount after a great struggle if the defendants have their way about the situation. Some people who do not have the services of a personal injury lawyer in Laguna Niguel never recover any money at all.

Why is it so hard for an individual to recover any money in a personal injury case? You must remember that the “other side” has vast resources at their disposal. If you were injured by an individual who is covered by automobile insurance, for example, you can rest assured that the insurance company has full-time, on-staff lawyers whose sole purpose in life is to minimize payments made to victims. If you were injured at a store in a slip and fall, the store’s parent company may have its own lawyers, or have insurance coverage through a company which employs lawyers. Even an individual defendant may have his or her own lawyer.

This means that there are well-trained legal professionals working to be sure that you do not get the maximum amount of damages for your case. In the case of “in-house” lawyers, these legal professionals save their companies money and are well-rewarded for every plaintiff’s case they can settle quickly and cheaply. Is it any wonder that one of the first things that usually happens after a personal injury accident is a “generous” settlement offer toward the plaintiff? Insurance companies know how to get you to settle fast. You should be cautious dealing with insurance adjusters.

In most cases, the defendant and the lawyers involved will try to convince you that you would be better off not “fighting” the case, but taking an instant payoff. This often works, as many personal injury victims are in pain and are worried about paying their current bills. Unfortunately, this is all the money these plaintiffs will ever see, despite the fact that many of them may have further unanticipated expenses related to their injuries.

Do not settle quickly with a defendant or insurance company; instead, talk to a personal injury attorney in Laguna Niguel before you sign any documents.

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