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Orange County Car Accident Victim Puts Glove Organizer to Good Use


The Orange County car accident lawyers at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys know and understand the shock and distress anyone goes through when they get in a car crash. That’s why we designed an Insurance & Registration Organizer where drivers can have their car documents handy and readily accessible. I have personally found this organizer to be invaluable — even when you get involved in a fender bender.

This Organizer basically has a slot to put your car registration, a car Accident Information Form with instructions on what to do after a car accident and what information to collect at the scene of a car accident. It comes with a pen, a flashlight with batteries, a tire pressure gauge and a note pad. All you need to do put your Certificate of Insurance and your car registration in the slots provided in the Organizer and place the Organizer in your car’s glove box.

Car Accidents are Traumatic

I got an e-mail from one of my former clients, Terri Eden, whose late husband we represented years ago. He suffered serious personal injury in a car accident and our firm represented him in that case. Terri was recently involved in a car accident herself. She was driving her husband’s BMW X5 SUV when was rear-ended at a Newport Beach intersection, by a man who she believes was driving a work truck. Although she felt OK physically after the car crash, the memories of her husband’s car accident came flooding back, leaving her nervous and flustered.

That’s when Terri says she remembered the Organizer in her glove compartment.

“It Gave me All the Information I Needed”

“My first thought was to grab it,” she said. “It gave me all the information I needed. It told me exactly what information to get from this driver. This was an emotional event for me especially because I was in my husband’s car. The Organizer really helped me keep my focus and get all the required details to get my car fixed by the insurance company.”

As it turned out, the car’s tail light was broken and there was damage to the rear of the car, which cost her $4,000 to fix.

“I thought the way the wallet was organized was really nice and extremely helpful to someone who is dealing with a car accident,” she said. “The very next day I e-mailed John Bisnar and thanked him for sending this Organizer.”

But, Terri added, she never wants to have to use it again. She’ll just take comfort knowing it is right there in her glove box, should she need it.

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