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National Advocacy Group Dedicates Video to Dog Bite Victims


A national dog bite victims group has announced that it will release a video tribute to dog attack victims on October 25, 2008, a day recognized by pit bull advocacy groups as “Pit Bull Appreciation Day.” Their complete news release with information about their group, advocacy activities and the video may be found here.

The Seattle-based group’s 5-minute video will document 127 pit bull attacks on humans that occurred across the United States in just an 85-day period from July to September 2008. The video will include the name of each victim, where available, and the city and state where each attack occurred.

Here is some significant data from – in the 85-day period covered by their statistical report:

• 158 people were injured in pit bull attacks • 63 percent of these injuries were severe • 10 percent entailed severed body parts • Six people were killed
And these numbers don’t even include attacks on animals and domestic pets. During this 85-day period, law enforcement officers and citizens shot 128 dangerous pit bulls and 12 cities passed dangerous and vicious dog ordinances that regulate pit bulls. The list of these cities is as follows: Fultondale, Alabama; Manteca, California; Sioux City, Iowa; Grosse Point Park, Michigan; Hazel Park, Michigan; Leflore County, Mississippi; Greenwood, Mississippi; Omaha, Nebraska; Lakewood, Ohio; Newport, Ohio; Sturgis, South Dakota and Fort Hood Army Base in Texas.

I commend this exemplary advocacy group for getting out these important statistics. I also agree with the group’s concern that more cities in the United States have not regulated pit bulls. The group’s statistics clearly show that pit bulls are a danger to the public. If individuals still desire to own them, they must be held to a higher standard. These dog owners must make sure their dogs are restrained and do not pose a danger to the public. They must carry adequate liability insurance so that if and when their dog attacks and injures an innocent victim, those victims can be fairly compensated.

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