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Mountain View, CA Challenged with a Lawsuit for Dangerous Public Property


The personal injury lawyers of Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys have recently filed a lawsuit against the city of Mountain View, California for a dangerous stretch of roadway. The allegedly dangerous roadway conditions in Mountain View may have caused the accident in which Randy Richards endured severe injuries and lost of the use of his legs. The lawsuit is pending in the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, case #108CV131502.

On January 9, 2008, Randy Richards was working on a roadway, Diericx Drive near Franklin Avenue, in Mountain View, California, when a northbound driver lost control and veered toward him. Randy was standing behind a legally parked pickup truck as the out of control car collided with Randy and the parked vehicle, pinning him between them.

Randy has sustained catastrophic physical injuries as a result of the accident, including the loss of the use of both his legs, and the possible need for amputation of his right leg. He has also endured severe emotional distress from the accident and his injuries.

“Tragic as this incident is, what’s even more tragic is the negligence and careless disregard demonstrated by the City of Mountain View for not correcting dangerous roadway conditions that had existed for some time,” said Brian Chase, a partner at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys.

The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Randy and his mother, Martina Richards, who witnessed the accident, and claims that presence of a concrete island in the center of the street created a path too narrow for the northbound cars and caused vehicles to hang too close to the right of the road.

Further, pooled rainwater had collected on the road way at the time of the accident, due to inadequate drainage, and provided slick driving conditions where the vehicles collided and injured Randy. The road where the accident took place gave the illusion that there was more space than there was, creating dangerous conditions that had previously led to similar accidents in the same area.

The City of Mountain View has been aware of these previous accidents and has done nothing to adequately and effectively control the speed of vehicles traveling through this dangerous stretch, nor to refigure the road to apprehend possible accidents, as in the one that injured Randy.

The lawsuit seeks economic damages on behalf of Randy for severe permanent injuries and disabilities and the mental pain and suffering that has affected him in conjunction with the physical injuries. Damages for his mother’s emotional distress due to witnessing her son’s accident are also sought by the action.

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