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Motorcyclist Killed in Huntington Beach Crash


A 31-year-man was killed in a Huntington Beach motorcycle accident involving a collision with a pickup truck. According to a news report in The Orange County Register, the fatal crash occurred the evening of Sept. 25 at the intersection of Slater Avenue and Morgan Lane. A 2014 Chevy Silverado pickup truck had severe damage to its left rear side and axle and a 2008 red Ducati motorcycle had been crumpled under the truck’s left rear tire. The rider of the motorcycle was lying to the side on the sport where paramedics pronounced him dead.

The pickup truck’s driver, a 71-year-old man from Huntington Beach remained at the scene and talked to police. Police are still looking to get footage from the area or talk to any witnesses who might have seen what happened. Anyone with information is asked to contact Huntington Beach police at 714-536-5670 or 714-536-5666.

We offer our deepest condolences to the family members and friends of this deceased motorcycle accident victim for their tragic loss. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

What Caused This Crash?

Based on this news report, it appears that the intersection where this incident occurred did not have a stoplight. There are still a number of unanswered questions here. Who was at fault for this deadly accident? Did the driver of the pickup truck fail to yield the right of way to the motorcyclist? Did one of the vehicles make an unsafe turn at the intersection? Was driver distraction, impairment or negligence a factor in this collision? We trust officials are looking into these and other issues in order to determine precisely what occurred here and why.

Liability Issues

In such cases, the at-fault driver could be held financially liable for the victim’s wrongful death, which family members of the deceased could file seeking compensation for damages such as medical expenses, funeral costs, lost future income, pain and suffering and loss of love, care and companionship.

An experienced Orange County car accident lawyer will also be able to determine whether a dangerous roadway condition caused or contributed to the incident. In such cases, the city or governmental agency responsible for maintaining the roadway can be held liable as well. Victims’ families would be well advised to contact an experienced Huntington Beach motorcycle accident lawyer who will fight for their rights and help ensure that the at-fault parties are held accountable.



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