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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Santa Ana


Finding the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Santa Ana is more difficult than you might expect. Although there are several motorcycle lawyers in the city, many of them are not as highly rated as they would like you to believe. Being able to tell the difference between a bottom-feeder and a top-rated attorney is a difficult process, especially if you have recently suffered serious injuries. The fact is that there are numerous top-notch Santa Ana motorcycle attorneys to choose from, but finding the right one for you will depend on your personal preferences.

Do You Care About Your Experience?

For some, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Santa Ana who gets them a large sum of cash is all that they want, but in an economy which has caused businesses to rethink their customer experience you don’t have to settle for just that. Some Santa Ana motorcycle law firms are going above and beyond to create an experience that gets you back on track in life as well as financially. When looking for your attorney you should take into account the additional perks that they might offer.

Perks to consider:

  • Friendly. To be perfectly frank, some Santa Ana motorcycle law offices can be run by serious jerks. The receptionist doesn’t want to speak with you, the attorneys don’t want to speak with you and your paralegal is too busy to speak with you. Some firms make sure to have friendly people answering their phones and make sure to treat you with respect. You can easily find out by giving a prospective law firm a call.
  • Free Motorcycle Property Damage. Thankfully, most motorcycle law firms work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay unless they win, but that doesn’t mean they won’t charge you for arguments that you’ve paid them to take care of. When it comes to negotiating how much your wrecked motorcycle was worth you could end up dipping into your personal compensation. Great attorneys will offer this for free, but you won’t know until you get your check if you don’t ask.
  • Constant Communication. Want to know what is going on during your Santa Ana motorcycle accident lawsuit? Some attorneys won’t keep you updated unless something serious happens, but that leaves clients waiting by the phone. Make sure your motorcycle lawyer gives you a monthly call whether there is something new to talk about or not.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Santa Ana

Don’t get stuck with a sub-par attorney. Santa Ana law firm partners, John Bisnar and Brian Chase, have created an experience that will get you the maximum compensation and personal attention that your motorcycle accident case deserves. They recently obtained a verdict for 24.7 million dollars for a client who suffered serious injuries. If you are looking for an experienced attorney, or want to take advantage of a free consultation, contact a Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys motorcycle accident attorney Santa Ana today.

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