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Man Injured in San Diego Bicycle Accident


A 25-year-old man was seriously injured in a San Diego bicycle accident after losing control of his bike while crossing a driveway. According to a 10News report, the major injury crash occurred the morning of June 13, 2012 as the man crossed the driveway of a business in the 8200 block of Camino Santa Fe. Police say the man lost control of his bicycle and suffered a spinal fracture and major jaw trauma. He is expected to survive and was transported to an area hospital for treatment. San Diego police are investigating the cause of this bicycle accident.

My heart goes out to this victim who has suffered major injuries. I wish him the very best for a speedy and complete recovery. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

San Diego Bicycle Accident Statistics

There were six fatalities and 525 injuries in 2009 involving bicycle accidents in the city of San Diego, according to the latest data from California Highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS). Countywide, nine people died and 972 were injured due to bicycle accidents, during the same year.

What Caused This Accident?

Based on this news article, it is not clear how or why the man lost control of his bicycle. Officials say he was crossing the driveway of a business when the incident occurred. There are several questions here. Was there some type of dangerous condition on the driveway, which led to the crash? Did a pedestrian or another vehicle that was pulling out of the driveway cause the bicyclist to lose control? Was there some type of product defect in the bicycle, which may have caused or contributed to the incident? I trust officials are looking into these and other factors in order to determine what occurred here and why.

Liability Issues

If a dangerous condition existed on the driveway and had caused this accident, then, the business that was in charge of maintaining that driveway can be held liable for the bicyclist’s injuries. If a defective product had been a factor here, then, the manufacturer of the bicycle or the defective bicycle part can be held liable as well. In such cases, injured victims can seek compensation to cover damages such as medical expenses, loss of earnings, cost of hospitalization, rehabilitation and pain and suffering. Bicycle accident victims would be well advised to contact an experienced San Diego personal injury lawyer, who will analyze all aspects of the incident and ensure that the negligent parties are held liable.

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