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Five Seriously Injured in Los Angeles Crash Involving Road Rage


Five people including three teens suffered severe injuries in a hit-and-run crash stemming from road rage, and police are looking for the driver. According to a KTLA news report, one of the victims suffered critical injuries. The crash occurred the night of December 6, 2017, when one car cut off another at the intersection of Tica Drive and Los Feliz Boulevard. The two cars involved were a Chrysler PT Cruiser and possibly a Chrysler Sebring. Witnesses say they got into a dispute over driving behavior shortly before the crash.

The Sebring cut off the PT Cruiser and then stopped in front of it. At that point the Sebring swerved to the left to avoid hitting the other car and slammed into oncoming traffic on Los Feliz Boulevard, colliding head on with an Infiniti G35. The Sebring left the scene. Five people in all were injured including one person from the PT Cruiser and four from the Infiniti. One teen suffered severe head trauma and is listed in critical condition. Police are still looking for the driver of the Sebring who is believed to have caused the crash. A $50,000 reward is being offered to anyone who comes forward with information about the crash.

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been injured in this horrific crash. We wish those injured the very best for a quick and full recovery.

Facts About Road Rage

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 66 percent of traffic fatalities in the United States are caused by aggressive driving. And 37 percent of aggressive driving incidents involve a firearm. Males under 19 years of age are most likely to exhibit road rage. Nearly half of all drivers who are on the receiving end of an aggressive act such as horn honking, a rude gesture or tailgating admit to responding with aggressive behavior themselves. Over a seven-year period, 218 murders and 12,610 injuries have been attributed to road rage.

How Can You Avoid Road Rage?

Here are a few practical tips from our Los Angeles car accident lawyers that can help you stay calm on the road:

  • If someone is tailgating you, simply move over.
  • If someone is exhibiting angry behavior toward you on the road, use an “I’m sorry” gesture to defuse the situation and move on.
  • Plan ahead and allow time for delays during your journey.
  • Use music to calm yourself down when you are driving.
  • Use your horn sparingly and only when necessary.
  • Avoid eye contact with angry drivers and give them plenty of room.



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