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Fatal San Diego Motorcycle Crash Caused by Landscaping Debris


Robert R. Jauregui, 40, of Pacific Beach was killed in a San Diego motorcycle accident after a piece of landscaping debris struck his face and knocked him off his motorcycle. According to a 10News report, the fatal crash occurred the morning of July 7, 2012. Jauregui was riding a 2011 Harley Davidson on the ramp from eastbound Interstate 8 to northbound state Route 163 when the incident occurred. The motorcycle was found about 100 yards from the downed rider. Jauregui was pronounced dead at the scene.

My thoughts and prayers are with the grieving family and friends of Robert R. Jauregui, the victim of this tragic motorcycle crash. I offer my deepest sympathies to them.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Statistics

There were nine fatalities and 291 injuries involving motorcycle crashes in the city of San Diego, according to California Highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System in 2009. Countywide, motorcycle accidents claimed 39 lives and injured 989 people during the same year.

Laws Relating to Roadway Debris

Based on this news report, it appears that the motorcyclist was struck by landscaping debris. It is not clear if this debris was on the roadway or if it flew off another vehicle. California law prohibits anyone from throwing or dumping debris on the highway. California Vehicle Code Section 23112 (a) states: “No person shall throw or deposit, nor shall the registered owner or the driver, if such owner is not then present in the vehicle, aid or abet in the throwing or depositing upon any highway any bottle, can, garbage, glass, nail, offal, paper, wire, any substance likely to injure or damage traffic using the highway, or any noisome, nauseous, or offensive matter of any kind.”

Compensation Issues

In such cases, the individuals who dropped the debris that caused the injury or death can be held liable. Both, the negligent parties and their employers can be held accountable. The family of a deceased victim can file a wrongful death claim against the at-fault party seeking compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, lost future income and benefits, loss of love and companionship and other related damages. An experienced San Diego personal injury lawyer will be able to advise families about how their own auto insurance policy might apply to a roadway debris accident where the at-fault party has not been found.

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