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Fatal Orange County Motorcycle Accident


The motorcycle rider who died Saturday as a result of a collision with a truck on the Riverside Freeway has been identified as Calvin Moody, 34-years-old of Compton, California.

The motorcycle accident occurred in the westbound lanes of the 91 Freeway near Gypsum Canyon Road according to the Orange County Sheriff-Corner, Larry Esslinger, as reported by the CBS2 website.

Moody was declared dead at about 5:00 p.m. Saturday in Anaheim at the Kaiser Permanente Hospital after colliding with the truck about an hour earlier.

So what are the rights of Moody’s heirs? Generally, his heirs are entitled to various forms of compensation depending upon their relationship with Moody and what they have lost. Generally the death of a family man in his thirties is going to have a compensation value in the millions of dollars. Of course, being entitled to compensation depends upon someone other than Moody being solely or partially responsible for his death.

If another party is only partially responsible for Moody’s death, his heirs are still entitled to compensation. The best way for heirs to determine their rights and options is to consult with a personal injury expert law firm. The best personal injury firms will have an immediate professional investigation done and the facts analysis by accident reconstruction experts to determine exactly what happened. From there, fault can be determined.

The best personal injury firms will not charge the heirs anything for a consultation or to conduct the investigation, if they are not able to actually recover compensation for the heirs.

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