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Evenflo Recalls 1 Million Defective Car Seats, NHTSA Introduces New Rating System for Car Seats


Evenflo is reportedly recalling about 1 million defective infant safety car seats because they could result in serious injury or death in a collision. According to an article in watchdog Web site, the models covered by the recall are 390, 391, 534 and 552 Discovery car seat and travel system, made between April 2005 and January 2008.

According to reports, recent tests conducted by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration show that these car seats could break apart and separate from the base during high-impact side collisions. Evenflo officials have said they will provide a free supplemental dual-hook fastener to make sure that the seat remains attached to its base during a high impact crash. More details about this recall are available at or visit NHTSA’s Web site at

This recall, one of several involving this particular brand of car seats, comes in the wake of an announcement by the NHTSA that it has revised consumer rating systems by introducing a five-star rating system for child safety seats. The federal agency has a similar rating program for vehicles.

Federal officials say they hope this new rating system will help clear the confusion for parents about what is safe when it comes to what car seat to buy. The rating will be based on safety as well as ease of use. According to NHTSA, seven out of 10 car seats are either the wrong size for the child or are not used properly thereby rendering them ineffective during an auto accident. There will be an overall rating as well as individual star ratings in four categories: securing the child, vehicle installation features, labeling and instructions.

It’s great that the NHTSA has come up with a way to grade car seats. Hopefully, unlike the vehicle five-star ratings, these ratings will set the bar higher. Of course, any car seat is better than none. There is no question that simply by using a car seat you are greatly enhancing your little one’s chance of surviving a crash. Still, it is always advisable for parents to look into how to use these car seats and how to secure them inside the vehicle to ensure that their children are best protected.

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